onsdag 7 september 2011

Nha Trang

The rain keeps pouring down. It can be really nice sometimes if you get to be indoors. Otherwise, it is not as fun. Especially not if you might have planned to do something special.

Like that time in Nha Trang, Vietnam, we were eager to see the surroundings and not sit in our hotel room. When the rain didn´t stopped and our patience ran out, we grabbed a local guide and jumped on our scooters despite the rain. That's a decision I don't regret because it was incredibly facinating to see den Vietnamese country side. Another thing I don't regret was that we wore rain jackets;)

3 kommentarer:

  1. Fina bilder! Så annorlunda och intressant land att besöka. :)

  2. This has been a year when some parts of the world get too much rain, others too little. Your blog is a visual delight. In this post, what technique did you use on photos?
    Thanks for your visit. Do come again.

  3. L: Thanks for your kind words. I've used a filter called Antique photo, it's a very simple thing to do in PhotoScape.